Archer (s) ARE LIFE, DO YOU LOVE THEM ? I love them and keep reading to know more about them and I promise you’ll start loving them too.

Archers were the only thing that had supported me since I started playing Clash Of Clans and I have always wanted to go to the top, yeah I am working real hard to reach the top. But then until you don’t I have troops to support you, you are nowhere near the mid even. Archers Are Important, Upgrade Them.

Upgrade your archer

Archer (s) keep distance while they attack on building, defenses or troops, and that’s basically why I love archers the most. Even though they have lesser Hit Points and Damage then Barbarians or any other troop. But if you are going for a loot don’t forget to take 100 Archers with you and use them at last. And as you upgrade your Archer you will start getting stronger. Basically why I tell everyone to use Archers at last as they yeah I have already told you that they attack their target for a far location and if you have already destroyed most of the stronger defenses like wizard towers and mortars you’ll easily be able to get an 100% when you use Archers after destroying the super defenses as Canons, Archer Towers are/can be destroyed really easily. Also by upgrading the troop you’ll be able to get even more power and hit points so I really would recommend that you upgrade your Archer as soon as you are done with upgrading your laboratory building to a new level. Rushing it to the higher level will always help you there, making them strong will always help you. Always remember that combination in troops in a loot war or clan war is always better then single troop war.

I Hope This Helped. Share A Little Bit 🙂