a quarantine love story (part 1)

i am in love, again. never thought this day might come, never thought I could forget.
she is smart, secretive and beautiful. i don’t know her that much, i don’t know how she has been doing, i don’t know where her sweet place is, i don’t know her friends, i don’t know who she has been with and honestly i don’t want to.
i love her for who she is right now, who she desires to become, how she looks at me and how she laughs.
not even god is perfect, he created us but left us a heart.
i have been crying since the past few days, i have been crying a lot not because i am stupid, not because i am obsessing but because i love her.
i love how it feels to be next to her,
i love when she speaks it turns me on,
i love the way she smells,
i love her soft white skin,
I love straight perfect but not so perfect hair,
i love how she exists in her “daira”.
is it too soon ? will she be comfortable ? will she persist or will she defy ?
will i be mature and think with my head instead of my heart ?
this is what i thought to say to myself but again, who loves her more ?
i wish things could be easy and robotic but this is life, it is how it is and this is why it is beautiful. this is why i will keep trying, everyday, every moment and every pulse I might have.
because i love her.