Its really a big quest when it comes to the protection of your WordPress website, getting perfect plugins and the best hosting for your site. But when you grow big there are always people who give a darn about your site. So its ” Secure Your WordPress Website ” today.

Its really a big task to properly secure your WordPress website from people who try to break in and spoil things on your website. Not all the time your hosting provider or CDN provider will keep you safe from hackers. Below I will list you procedures and plugins which will keep your WordPress site secure.

  1. Keeping the best settings
  2. Choosing the right plugins
  3. Choosing the right theme
  4. Choosing the right host
  5. Choosing the right CDN

Keeping the best settings

  • Keeping your feed secure


  • Choosing the best permalink settings


Choosing the best plugin

  • Install JetPack (
  • Activate ” Protect “. (Go to Settings>>Protect>>Activate)


This plugin makes difficult for common IP’s to enter the website as it blocks the entry using captcha forms. Using this plugin you will be safe from common DDOS and traffic flood attacks, automated bots will not be able to enter the site without filling up the captcha.

That’s it for plugins, the protect plugin will protect you from DDOS attacks on your websites and the Limit Login Attempts will protect you from Brute force attacks. So basically you have your site protected from common attacks. Now if you want to get a host which will manage your Attacks and common attacks you have to have a good host.

Choosing The Right Host

I have written a complete blog post about the best managed WordPress hosts. Below is the link

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Choosing The Right Host

For this I have also written a blog post about the best Magazine/News WordPress themes. Below is the link.

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Choosing the right CDN

For this I have also written a blog post too. Below is the link

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So basically this is the end of this post, chose the best for your site as this is your business. Cheap will always bring you cheap quality. Thanks for reading. Share a little bit 🙂