Staying social is a must but staying social with Google Plus is a need for every website or blog. So its ” Post From WordPress To Google Plus ” today.

In my previous post Post To Social Networks From WordPress I have shown you how to post using WordPress to your social media pages. In this post I am rater repeating what I did in the previous post as I got a large amount of request to do this particular post. So here it is people, below I’ll show you how you post automatically to your Google + page in the safest and easiest way possible.

  • Go to your WordPress plugin installer market and install JetPack



  • After installing and activating it you’ll need to click on Settings.

jetpack settings


  • When you click on Settings you’ll be directed to the plugin page where you could manually deactivate or activate plugins, there activate the plugin Publicize.



  • After you have activated that plugin click on Configure (This comes when you have activated the plugin and you hover on the same plugin). You will then be directed to this page where you can individually setup everything. So as the post is about Google+ lets go down a little bit.

publicize 1


  • When you click on Connect on the Google + section you’ll be directed to a page which looks something like the screenshot below. You’ll need to sign in to your Google account

google signin

  • When you have signed into your Google account you’ll be asked to select a Google plus page where your website will be posting it’s content. Select that.

  • Chose your desired page for posting your content. Then you’ll be directed to a page where you will be given a final warning about your page being connected to your website.



  • After you have accepted your connection you’ll see your page connected under your Google plus accounts on your website.

google plus connected

  • So everything is done successfully. Now let me show you how your things look like when they are shared on Google+

google plus shared


So that’s how you automatically post to Google plus using your WordPress. I Hope I helped you. Share A Little Bit 🙂