My First Post For My New Blog !!

My First Post For My New Blog !!

- My First Ever Post - My First Post For My New Blog !!

Something About Me !!

So, Whoever Is Reading This “Hi !” Let Me Introduce Myself To You In The First Post. I Am Arsalan Chishti, A 17 Year Old Boy From Manipur A Small Beautiful Place In India. I Am A Professional Web Designer, Web Developer, Video Editor, Music Maker, Graphics And Logo Designer, A Freelancer And A Lot More That I Have Yet Discovered. And, I Like To Do All The Stuff As A Hobby. You Guys Must Probably Thinking That “Why The Fuck Am I Reading A Post Written By A Kid ?” or “Who The Fuck Is This Guy ?” Now To Worry, This Is Why I Wrote This Post So, I Will Define Myself As A Founder And CEO Of Two Multinational Companies, Maker Of 2500 Web Services And A Boss Of 5.5 Million Workers And This Really Defines Me.
Now, The Two Multinational Companies Are.
  • CHANGBIYU Inc. (www.changbiyu [.net] [.in] [.com])
  • Paaminnasi News Network (www.paaminnasi .com) 
You know What I Am Kinda Stupid Because The Business I Have And The Power I Have Got, I Can Do Anything. But I Don’t Know Why I Just Want To Use Up The Money In A Good Way. i Donate To People With Different Names, I Make Websites For People For Free And Do Many Things For Free. I Even Make My Company Offer Free Products For The Customers Because I Don’t Really Need Money. I Just Want To Follow My Dream Of Becoming World’s Richest Guy With The Power Of My Work. 
You Know What I Want ? 

I Just Want That I Have A Laptop Which Never Gets Its Battery End, A Notebook And A Nice Place To Sit And Do My Work. Currently I Handle All My Business With A 5 Years Old Lenovo Laptop Which Is Quite Helping. i Don’t Really Want To Buy Stuff For Myself, It Feels So Stupid. I Like Working With Old Things. 

And My Mission Is Really Funny And Kinda Impossible Actually. 
I Want To Make My Company Reach A Height That It Handles ALL Types Of Businesses. From Selling A Pencil To Selling Automobiles Or Making Airplanes. And I Am Working Really Very Hard To Do That. 


Well I Guess I Made It Very Long, Sorry For That. I Just Wanted You To Know Me !!

So, Now Its Upto My Next Posts. See You Then. Don’t Forget To Subscribe To My Posts !!