My First Post For My New Blog !!

My First Post For My New Blog !!

Something About Me !!

So, Whoever Is Reading This “Hi !” Let Me Introduce Myself To You In The First Post. I Am Arsalan Chishti, A 17 Year Old Boy From Manipur A Small Beautiful Place In India. I Am A Professional Web Designer, Web Developer, Video Editor, Music Maker, Graphics And Logo Designer, A Freelancer And A Lot More That I Have Yet Discovered. And, I Like To Do All The Stuff As A Hobby. You Guys Must Probably Thinking That “Why The Fuck Am I Reading A Post Written By A Kid ?” or “Who The Fuck Is This Guy ?” Now To Worry, This Is Why I Wrote This Post So, I Will Define Myself As A Founder And CEO Of Two Multinational Companies, Maker Of 2500 Web Services And A Boss Of 5.5 Million Workers And This Really Defines Me.
Now, The Two Multinational Companies Are.
  • CHANGBIYU Inc. (www.changbiyu [.net] [.in] [.com])
  • Paaminnasi News Network (www.paaminnasi .com) 
You know What I Am Kinda Stupid Because The Business I Have And The Power I Have Got, I Can Do Anything. But I Don’t Know Why I Just Want To Use Up The Money In A Good Way. i Donate To People With Different Names, I Make Websites For People For Free And Do Many Things For Free. I Even Make My Company Offer Free Products For The Customers Because I Don’t Really Need Money. I Just Want To Follow My Dream Of Becoming World’s Richest Guy With The Power Of My Work. 
You Know What I Want ? 

I Just Want That I Have A Laptop Which Never Gets Its Battery End, A Notebook And A Nice Place To Sit And Do My Work. Currently I Handle All My Business With A 5 Years Old Lenovo Laptop Which Is Quite Helping. i Don’t Really Want To Buy Stuff For Myself, It Feels So Stupid. I Like Working With Old Things. 

And My Mission Is Really Funny And Kinda Impossible Actually. 
I Want To Make My Company Reach A Height That It Handles ALL Types Of Businesses. From Selling A Pencil To Selling Automobiles Or Making Airplanes. And I Am Working Really Very Hard To Do That. 


Well I Guess I Made It Very Long, Sorry For That. I Just Wanted You To Know Me !!

So, Now Its Upto My Next Posts. See You Then. Don’t Forget To Subscribe To My Posts !!