Image compression is a topic no one wants to leave alone. You’ve always wanted a fast loading page right ? We have been compressing the size of images to speed up the page load before there was Yahoo to do the job, now ? We have the best alternate.

Image re-sizing was and is the top most priority of a website owner’s secret to good page speed and rank. If your website is correctly optimized then you would rank higher in results and searches. To do that we need images which have good resolution but smaller sizes for fast loading. Before there used to be Yahoo’s which did all the job, now what ? The non profit project has been closed down by Yahoo due to server capacity loss. Web developers have gone crazy finding an alternate, some have tried making but have failed. It had took me several hours to find the best alternative which did the job of Yahoo Smushit and it was

Best Image Compression Tool

image compression tool has a really very simple interface which will help you in reducing your Image sizes, it also has API which will help you sync your application with its technology. It also has different plugins for integration with several CMS’s.

image compression tool

It also has a pretty dope reporting dashboard which gives you all latest information about your sites. They

image compression tool

Also its a very good news for small bloggers and developers that their monthly plan starts from just $5 a month. You know that their clients include Microsoft, Ubisoft, Google. Just signup and start Kraking all your images, do remember that they have a WordPress plugin which will reduce the size of you WordPress uploaded images on the spot without any other external help.


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