Dead adding links manually to interlink your posts ? Yeah not there’s a fix for this. So its ” How To Interlink Posts Using @mention “.

So its difficult for us to interlink posts on our site as it takes time to go up there click on Add link then press okay and then go back again and do the same thing again and again. We always end up in missing this things out. Basically interlinking your posts is a Major rule to get a good SEO score for your WordPress website. Also this makes your readers discover more of your content. The WordPress plugin has finally come for this problem. Its called Mentionable.

Why I love this is because its just like mentioning the posts from your site, like any other social network. Wanna see how it works ?

So this is my post Upgrade Your Archer, normally if I had to link this in another post I had to type this and then click on Add Link then scroll down, select the post and click insert but with Mentionable its just @ + the name of my post so it makes everything easier.

@ + Upgrade your archers = Upgrade Your Archer

That easy.

Screenshot from 2015-03-09 19:31:42

So basically the logic of this plugin is to make interlinking of posts easy by adding a social media type of feeling which will make interlinking of posts easier and interesting for users.

Also you get to chose where you or your members can use the functions of Mentionable.

Screenshot from 2015-03-09 19:21:07

Well you can download the Mentionable plugin using that link or using the WordPress plugin market right from your site. To do that just click on Plugins then click Add Plugin and type in Mentionable. You’ll find the plugin on top, something like the image below.

Screenshot from 2015-03-09 19:21:35

So click on that, Activate it and then start using it if you don’t want to give additional commands. By default only the Post page is allowed to use Mentionable. You can add or remove options there.


So that’s it, hope I helped. Share a little bit.