This is so off my Blog topics but where else would I share my personal happenings with people. So its ” Funniest Clash Of Clan Memes ” today.

I love playing Clash Of Clans. In fact I open the app nearly every 5 mins when I with my phone. There are so many funny things happening everyday, with me or with other people who play Clash Of Clans or lets say the Clashers around the world. Below I’ll show you my funniest and the best screenshots and memes that  people shared.

1. I Lost All My Barbarians Bro 🙁





2. The Barbarian Racing Ground.1939554_1524371927836138_9133998394825997728_n

3. The PEKA is everywhere


4. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That !


5. Jesus Why You Do This ?



6. He caught a cheater though

7. I will kick you



I’ll keep on updating this post whenever I find more memes. Thanks for reading. Share a little bit 🙂