Download Pokemon Go In India For Android. Below Are The Steps To Do That.

Download Pokemon Go In India For Android

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I have been seeing these memes where people post jokes about Pokemon Go, like kids going to people’s house and asking to catch Pikachu and all. Weird I felt, I thought this game would be a thing. The fact is that I think that this game will rise so fast because people will actually have to go and search for things around their locality and so many different places. So when I searched it on Google PlayStore I never had found the game.

Download Pokemon Go In India For Android

My Tor Browser View Of The Download Page

But when I tried using Tor browser on my computer it took me to the listing page. It then says that this game is available in only few countries, well maybe just 3-4. Although you can play it everywhere as the characters are randomly put in different locations near you. Well I found out how to crack and get rid of this feature which was blocking me from downloading this game. I’d share you the thing right away.

Steps To Download Pokemon Go In India For Android

  • Keep Your Browser Ready, Mine Is Tor I Really Prefer Tor To Hide My Identity.
  • Go To This Link ( And Download Pokemon Go In India For Android
  • Copy The .apk File To Your Phone While Doing That Plus In Your Headphones Too
  • Furthermore Install The Game And Then Run Your Setup
  • Use The Reference From The Video If You Have Difficulty In Doing What I Did.

To Be Honest This Game Has Been A BlockBuster For Me And I feel This Is Going To Break Some Records. I liked the interface, the compatibility, the guide and most of all the graphics are so retro, reminds me of my childhood. That’s it for the tutorial for “Download Pokemon Go In India For Android”. Hope I get some share for this 🙂