Launching a new project can get confusing for new users sometimes, lets fix this together.

google cloud-front

Google cloud always been my partner to launch new test projects, well sometimes I also launch my final projects on Google cloud as their rates on some plans are cheap. And yeah, its quite confusing sometimes to use Google cloud platform.


So that’s the new 2016 Google Materialistic Design console for Google cloud platform. Well to be honest I have my biggest project running on their server and I am a proud customer. So get to the point. The steps are shown with pictures below.


  1. Click on the “Manage Projects” or if you have a project recently then it’ll show up there, when you click on the icon you’ll see a list of projects or just a link to create new project and a search bar.


2. Now you’ll see a box to enter a Unique project name and then click on Create.


That’s it, your project has been created. You can then find the project API details and set the constant screen settings in the navigation menu. I’ll be writing a new post for that, you can check it out using the Search bar on the side. Share a little bit 🙂