Its pretty awesome to own a email right ? Most of the providers nowadays support emails but how will you make it ?

Privately owned email providers charge too much for hosting your email address with them but if you are just started then you might want to use the email creator. Well in our case I’ll be using Cpanel and showing you how you’ll get a email with your domain

When you login to your Cpanel you’ll see a list and sections, Go to the Email section and then click on ” Accounts ” link.


Then you’ll see fields to enter the information of your email addresses, you can always select a disk space if your hosting provider sets a limit to the usage. In my case it doesn’t so I will be selecting Unlimited.


Now lets access the webmail of your email address, scroll down the page and in the Email Accounts section you’ll see your email’s information shown, click on More and then Access Webmail. Take a reference below


Now you’ll see a webmail selection page where you can chose which mail script will you use to read and send mails.


That’s it, I’ll be writing a account setup post soon do read it. Share a little bit 😉