Wizards are really holy if you use them correctly. In the video above you will see how useful the earthquake spells were. You really need to carry earthquake spells for kind of raids which consist of single type troops, and I did a Wizard only raid for this post.

Wizards And Earthquake

Well to be honest I wasn’t really going for a real time raid until I found out many things a lot later after the attacks. So the reality was that one day I was going for a raid with just wizards and what happened was wall breakers did not work, I carried 4 wall breakers for the raid and couldn’t get it. The whole bunch of wizards got killed by the mortar which actually shoots slower but the wizards were stuck with the wall so the Mortar dropped them down. Later that night I just made myself some wizards and tried to hook them up with some earthquake spells for the first time (Infact I was using the earthquake spells for the first time). Went down searching and finally found a perfect base with heavy loot, then it all started. I broke down the walls from the side which had the most defense buildings, well one thing I noticed about the earthquake spells were that you have to drop them all 4 together if you want to break the walls covered inside the circle. So eventually the spell had drastically reduced the hitpoits of the building around which made the wizards destroy them really quick. Then everything just went down nice and fast, we hooked a total of 3 stars and over 400,000 loot.

So practically the earthquake spells are really useful and can come handy for weaker health troops. After a really long time I went on with a good little Gaming post and I have also started a gaming channel in which I would be uploading gaming videos every single day. Do keep in touch, share a little bit too 🙂