Its not about getting my name or my brand’s name correct, its how I intract with you.

Please continue reading below to know how to use my brand name and logo. All information shown or written below are private work and are limited to certain use only.

1. Name

Correct Use – Arsalan Chi , ArsalanChi, The Half Chink On Cam

Incorrect Use – arsalan chi, arsalanchi, Arsalan chi, arsalan Chi, the half chink on cam

2. Logos

Below shown logo is the official representation of my brand. Discoloration or Coloration or even slight changes to the logo without prior notice will not be tolerated.


To Download Multiple Versions Of My Logo CLICK HERE

3. Hashtag

My official hashtag runs at #arsalanchi Modified use or change in name will not be tolerated.


So basically that’s all about my brand. I just want to make everything simple and I believe all my readers are smart and won’t do anything which will make them look stupid.