Getting safe and secure emails has always been a part of my internet life, Because I don’t want anyone to spoil my personal stuff. Good mail providers are renown but  secure ones are not.

To start off the day I’d like to tell you something which has been happening with me for the past few days, I have been sick. And on the bed I have realized how much I am missing out when I don’t even try to work on things, I forget everything because my system is secure. That’s what has been helping me, My robots take care of my business while I am away, yes their are system flaws but only to me. No one can figure out what’s happening. So coming back to the point, emails are my biggest personal stuff where databases just get bigger everyday and then their is a difference between a good email provider and a secure one. A good one just gives you a good user interface and experience, makes everything easy for you but a secure email provider its just security they look upon, the user interface isn’t a big matter for them. So I’d line up few email providers which a good and also secure for everyday use and which will protect your stuff.

1. Gmail


Gmail has been a good and secure email provider for the past so many years and yet it stays to the top. Its unhackable and easy to use, all the things are kept in one place and are shown as ABCD…. Get an account at Google, they have things which are much more then just emails.

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2. iCloud Mail


iCloud mail is a great email provider choices for people who have Apple devices. Because of that it does not come to our free email provider list but its the best choice for people who use apple products.

3. ZOHO mail


ZOHO mail is a private email provider which give you access to business and personal mail with vast customization options which start just for free. Even Google charges for things that ZOHO is providing for free, its secure and the UI is easy to use.

4. AOL mail


AOL mail is also a good email provider as they line up everything in their email dashboard, from news to games AOL mail looks beautiful and is secure

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