Most of the people who play Clash Of Clans think that Goblins aren’t useful. So its ” Always Use Goblins ” today.


always use goblins

I would say that goblins are a major part of the troops. Whether you are going for a loot war or a clan war, they are a must to take with you. Since I started playing Clash Of Clans I have always thought that they are a waste of time and I don’t actually need it to go for a war or something. And I also didn’t bother to upgrade them to a higher level because I really didn’t use them for going on a loot war or even a clan war. When I upgraded my town hall to level 7 and re arranged all my defense buildings I kept all my gold collectors and all my elixr collectors outside (Of course they were outside previously too, but when I was on a lower Town Hall level I had protected all my gold collectors and all my elixr collectors with walls so troops don’t break in. This time what I mean by putting my gold and elixr collectors outside is that I had not protected them with walls or defensive buildings they were free.) which I had designed in such a way that they were acting like walls for most of my powerful defenses like my cannons and my archer towers. So, one day as I was scrolling through my replays I saw a guy who took almost 200,000 of my gold, about 150,000 of my elixr and about  1,500 of my dark elixr. He brought about 200 troops (I don’t know exactly how much he brought and I have also lost the reply from my list now) from which 50 were only Goblins and other were a mix of P.E.K.A, Barbarians, Archers, Dragons, Barbarian King, Barbarian Queen and Hog Riders. And he destroyed about 85% or 86% of my village (Again I forgot what this actually was but I still remember that it was 85% or 86%). I learned so many things from his attach. He used up all his Archers first and destroyed most of the collectors, barracks and  builder huts from a distance (Learn How To Use An Archer By Reading Upgrade Your Archer) then he released barbarians, dragons, the barbarian king, the barbarian queen to just one side and then released all his Goblins to the same side where he had released his previous troops. As soon as he finished releasing all his Gobs he released his Hog Riders. He destroyed most of (all) my defenses and also destroyed my Town Hall, but in the end only one surviving Wizard tower finished up the Hog riders.

Now you might think how were Goblins useful here ? When he released his super troops (that’s what I call them) first all of my defenses were busy destroying them or lets just say that they were getting distracted of what was/is going to happen to them if they keep fighting with the super troops. When he released the Gobs not even one of my defense bothered to hit the Gobs as they were busy destroying the stronger troops. The goblins broke through my wall, Destroyed all my gold Storage, All My elixir Storage And My dark elixir storage too. When most of the troops where destroyed the defenses started to attack the Goblins but were unsuccessful as there were a handful number of Goblins and defenses were little. After all the Goblins were destroyed, -_- out of nowhere a Hog Rider came up but in the end was destroyed by my Wizard tower.

So what I started using Goblins and have dramatically seen the amount of loot increased when Goblins were used. So its Super troops first and then Goblins second for a large amount of loot.
Hope I helped you, Share A little bit 🙂