SPAM , Slow Load, Brute Attacks And DDOS are the most common attack types on WordPress sites. With the best Managed WordPress Hosting you’ll be able to protect your site and run your business smoothly. So its ” 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosts ” today.

Managed hosting should be your only choice if it comes to choosing the hosting provider for your WordPress powered blog or site. Basically Why Managed WordPress should be your hosting choice is that it is specially designed for WordPress. Most of the WordPress hosts chose the best kind of security, storage and also CDN for your website optimization. So moving to the post below are the list of Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosts.

1. Godaddy

I have been hosting my sites and buying domains from Godaddy for quite a long time now. My Celebriti is being hosted on Godaddy’s servers currently. And I can proudly tell you that I never got any sort of downtime or errors on my site. Godaddy has so many inbuilt security functions that I don’t have to worry about my site at all. In fact i don’t have any Anti spam plugins activated on my website, everything works so perfectly.

To Get your WordPress hosted on godaddy Click here – GODADDY WORDPRESS MANAGED HOSTING

2. WpEngine

Well its little costly then major WordPress Managed hosting companies but to be honest WPEngine is the one and only original WordPress Managed host which provides your site all the features needed to run a WordPress site smoothly and make it secure. WPEngine is entirely devoted to provide the Best WordPress hosting. Also one of my mates uses WpEngine and he says that his site is being hosted by them for over 2 years now and he has no complaint with their service, also he added that their support response time is super fast. Even if it was a General WordPress issue he got helped from WPengine ASAP.

To Get your WorPress hosted on WpEngine Click here – WPENGINE WORDPRESS MANAGED HOSTING

3. Pagely

When it comes to stable, secure and fast WordPress managed hosting service Pagely can never be left out of the list. Its superior WordPress Managed Hosting technology provides you the best of its kind. Well to be honest why I like Pagely is that its just $24 a month for there superb service. And oh if we are talking about speed let me tell you that CDN and other delivery stuff that your site if going to need is all provided by AMAZON AWS so think twice before point fingers on the load speed. And as you are hosted at Pagely you don’t really need to worry about any type of attack that gets done on your site. Sit back and focus on your work.

To Get your WordPress hosted on Pagely Click here – PAGELY WORDPRESS MANAGED HOSTING

4. Flywheel

Fairly new in this market, FlyWheel is also a dedicated Managed WordPress webhost. But to be hosnest about their service if their was no Godaddy then I would have chosen their services. Their Dashboard is super easy to use and you also get Wonderful support from their team. Also as a test you can create free WordPress powered websites. If you ask me what the top WordPress Managed hosting will be in future. My answer will be them. Only FlyWheel has a different kind of WordPress management system with a sexy dashboard which shows you all your latest information about your website.

To Get your WordPress hosted on Flywheel Click here – Flywheel WORDPRESS MANAGED HOSTING SIGNUP

5. SiteGround

Amongest all the above WordPress providers SiteGround provides the cheapest Managed WordPress Hosting. Its just $3.95 kickstart your Managed WordPress site hosted on servers that are dedicated to make your WordPress site fly. Infact most of the new blogs and websites who chose WordPress as there CMS also chose to go with SiteGround. SiteGround’s support system has been rated the best for quite a long time in a row. Again, its cheap you’ll get most of the feautures from the above hosts but you know money gives quality work.

To Get your WordPress site hosted on Siteground Click here – SiteGround MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING


So that’s all folks, thanks for reading my review. Hope it helped, Share A Little bit 😉