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Feminism: A Tool of Rockefeller & Illuminati ?

In the vast tapestry of human history, feminism, the earnest pursuit of gender equality, has asserted itself as a potent force advocating societal transformation and individual liberation. Born from the crucible of resistance against patriarchal structures, feminism...

The Final Act of Love: Advocating for Ethical Euthanasia Practices

I believe that one of the most controversial topics of our time is the issue of euthanasia, which is the deliberate taking of a life to end suffering. It is a topic that has been hotly debated among doctors, lawyers, ethicists, and the general public for years. As...

Pedophile Parents on the Rise: Adoption and Swinger Groups a Threat.

The issue of paedophile parents is not just limited to the West, but it is also prevalent in India, and it is a growing concern. Recent reports suggest that the number of cases of child sexual abuse in India has increased significantly over the past few years, with...
The Hidden Agendas Riding India’s Communal Riots

The Hidden Agendas Riding India’s Communal Riots

Title: The Hidden Agendas ⁣Driving India's‌ Communal Riots: Uncovering the Truth Introduction: India has ‍a rich cultural‌ heritage and diverse population, but unfortunately, communal riots ⁢have‌ been a persistent issue in the country. These riots often stem‍ from...