HULK IS THE ULTIMATE DDOS TOOL.There are and have been many DDOS software online, but Hulk is a type which changes everything.

I have been using tons of DOS tools since the past years but the problem with all of them was that they generated the same request again and again. This way smart websites could cache my traffic and save their bandwidth, inturn Loss. I found this script when I was searching for a better option. This was being discussed in a private blackhat website from where I got a fresh error free copy. I would be providing you the download link directly from my server below. I tested it on a Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC, this may react differently on different PCs and run times. But please note that this tool is not meant for illegal activity, I am sharing it for educational purposes ONLY.

How to use HULK.PY

First get a copy of the script on your server or computer ready. I will be providing the download link below for you to download, remember that I have tested the script and it is working to best of my knowledge.

  • Download The File On Your Virtual PC Or PC And Then Extract It Using Winrar Or Other Tool If You Are Online

hulk1  - hulk1 300x137 - How To Use Hulk For Windows

  • You have to have python installed on your system, to install python read “How To Install Puthon On VPS”
  • Open command and change the directory to your Python directory.
  • To see which directory your Python is installed open C:// and search “.py scripts: assoc .py=Python.File”, you can also manually go to your C:// disk and search for folder with “Python” and a number after it.

hulk2  - hulk2 300x145 - How To Use Hulk For Windows

  • Now type the following command < “URL”>

hulk3  - hulk3 - How To Use Hulk For Windows


Wait and see the magic, your script will start working. You can also get your website some extra traffic by clicking on this link.