Update Your Facebook Like Box

Its time you do some changes to your account, website or app. Facebook has been updates so should you. So its “Update Your Facebook Like Box” today.

I was just looking around for things when I saw one of my site getting some errors in the previous Facebook Like box, first I thought that their might have been some big fault in my WP plugins which were interrupting the box to load. Then I remembered that Facebook was updating its API’s the the latest is v2.3 (5/11/2015). Googled Facebook like box and it said that the service was discontinued. I was shocked, I thought ” Man, getting people from my website was my only way to create a big fanbase. My life is finished”


Than I noticed a new menu “Plugins” I clicked on it and then went to Page plugin , I was shocked yet again :-3 , a super sexy piece of page box came up. facebook-page-plugin

Man I am in love with this now, I have tweaked with most of the code and created a sexier page plugin. Take a look againfacebook-page-plugin-settings

God, @facebook you have done a good job this time. Its time for people to change, designs to change and the web to be sexier. (lol _-_)

Use the below link to upgrade your like box and get the new like box.


See a live example below, do hit like tho.

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